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Dr. Joseph Neunder,

"Dr. Joe," has been practicing chiropractic medicine for the last 10 years.  He is running for Venice City Council Seat 6 for the upcoming November election.  Dr. Neunder wants to treat the community he considers home. 

Practice Manager/ Billing Specialist

Cindy has been with our office for several years.  She enjoys seeing patients get better as treatment progresses.  If you have billing questions please feel free to call the office.


Patient Testimonials
  • I came in to see Dr. Joe after I had an car accident because my lower back was killing me. I didn't know this at the time but my auto insurance would cover my bills for the doctors visit with Dr. Joe. I'm only a month into care but I'm already starting to feel better. I like it here because it's quick and easy to get in, and Dr. Joe is super nice and explains things to me rather than just doing things without letting me know. I like to swim and Dr. Joe gave me some exercises to do in the pool. (he used to be a swimmer and the exercises are helping alot too). I would recommend anyone to come here if they've been in a car crash, great Doctor.  -W.S

  • Before seeing Dr. Joe I had a bad experience with a Sarasota Chiropractor, but Dr. Joe was quite the opposite, He is very talented and well educated and it shows in his work. The office is a comforting environment where you always feel welcome! His wife works in the office as well and she is a very kind and helpful woman. The care I received was amazing! I feel great and it is all thanks to Dr. Joe! I would recommend him to anyone in need of a chiropractor! -A.E

  • Honestly, I was always perplexed by the science of chiropractics; however, as the years passed it came time to visit a chiropractor in order to have some problems “straightened out.” I stopped by Sarasota Spinal Mechanics and saw Dr. Joseph Neunder to see what his practice was all about. I was thoroughly impressed by Dr. Neunder's knowledge and his devotion to explaining chiropractics to me. He gave me an abundant amount of information and even offered to show me before and after x-ray images to allow me to view the problem and then how he solved it! The amount of relief I physically felt was amazing, which in exchange brought me serenity. Dr. Neunder will not waste your time or money. I strongly recommend stopping by. My perplexity was overcome by my experience! -M.A

  • I really liked the fact that Dr. Joe and his staff spoke spanish and did not try to sell me on a care plan or treatments that I did not need. As a result of his expert recommedation and subsequent treatment of my medical condition I was able to fully recover from my injuries and continue with my active lifesyle, which includes yoga and running. I highly recommend him to all residents in the Sarasota area who are in need of a second opinion. Way to go Dr. Joe!

  • I was recently in an automobile incident, of mild severity, but the airbags deployed and I was tossed around in the car just enough to leave me with some kinks in my neck, shoulders, and back. I did have my seatbelt on. I actually had never heard of Dr. Joe Neunder's office, but I passed it a while after the accident with most of my discomforts still present, so I decided to go see him. Long story short I liked him, he was amiable and down to earth. Upon my entrance he offered x-rays and then took the time to explain them to me. I was able to make an official appointment later on that same day and he adjusted my shoulders, neck, and back. To say the least I felt great after the adjustment, he told me I should be good to go and there shouldn't be any need to be a "lifetime" patient, which really impressed me because it was the honest answer, or at least according to some doctors (M.D.s) he referred me to! Definitely stop by! This is a young passionate guy, who I feel is a great adjuster because the adjustments were swift and without hesitation, which definitely eliminates room for error. My back, shoulders, and neck feel better than they did before the accident! This is not a business, it is truly a PRACTICE

  • I was experiencing some low back pain and sciatica pretty bad after a long camping trip with my sons. They recommended I look for a good Sarasota Chiropractor when we returned home, so I did. I am so blessed to have found Dr. Joe, per a recommendation of one of my friends, and let me just say HE IS GREAT! My low back pain and sciatica were relieved within a week and he showed me how to keep my issues at bay. Thanks Dr. Joe!! -W.M

  • Great Guy and a WONDERFUL Chiro!! I have been to several before him however, this guy has something intangible in his approach to patient care that truely make him the best I have gone to. My family and I will be patirnts as long as he will have us and we all highly recommend him...THX Dr. Joe! - V.A

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