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Injury after a Car Accident!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Good morning Sarasota Florida!

Dr. Joe Neunder, Sarasota chiropractor, here and were going to touch on whiplash and neck, back and spine injuries and what to do. For many years now chiropractic care has been the natural choice of millions of individuals who have had the unfortunate mishap of experiencing an automobile injury. A good majority of individuals suffer a misalignment of their vertebrae, joint and ligament pain, muscle and disk irritation or damage. These problems often present in that type of pain, headaches, mid back and low back pain, and even radicular symptomatology. At our Sarasota location we treat all of these symptoms conservatively and effectively without the use of medications. If conservative chiropractic care cannot help you with your symptomatology we have other health care professionals in our Sarasota area that we will refer you to for your problems. It is also important to note, that unless you seek treatment at a medical provider's office within 14 days after your accident you may not be able to receive care and have your bills covered under your auto insurance policy. Our Sarasota office is here to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week with on-site x-ray and a comfortable office environment with flexible hours to meet your individual needs. If you have questions or need an appointment please call our office at 941-928-7246 or visit us on our website Have a great weekend and please drive safe.

Regards, Dr. Joseph Neunder, Sarasota chiropractor

What does a Sarasota Chiropractor do?

Good morning Sarasota. Sarasota chiropractor Dr. Joe here and today were going to be talking about what a chiropractor does and often the conditions that we treat. I think most of you are familiar that

chiropractors are excellent at treating headaches, neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, sciatica,

disk issues, shoulder issues acute injuries such as auto accidents and sports injuries but also helping

maintain a wellness lifestyle. However, are you aware that Dr. of chiropractic medicine goes through more

minimum required hours in anatomy, physiology, chemistry and biochemistry, diagnosis, x-ray and

orthopedics then your general practitioner. The following link is a great resource if you're interested in

knowing the difference between a chiropractic education and a medical school education.

This webpage was put together by the Grisanti report.

Chiropractors are also trained in treating patients with physiotherapy modalities and also demonstrating

physical therapy type exercises to help maintain and balance optimal human performance. If you have any

questions about how our office can help you please call our Sarasota clinic at 941-928-7246.

Regards, Dr. Joseph Neunder, Sarasota chiropractor

Why you should see a chiropractor after an auto injury.

Why you should see a chiropractor and an MD when you've had injuries after a car accident.

A few attorneys are shying away from using chiropractors after their clients get in a an accident but that can damage not only the patients case ( by showing injuries) but also delaying the healing process that happens.   MD's are wonderful doctors we use them for our patients as well but drugs and exams have their limitation in the healing process.  When you receive regular physical therapy vs. medical drugs only you are showing that your aren't that injured and thus therapy was not required.   A " team" of doctors can truly target your injuries. Drugs or injections from MD's can help the pain while therapy from a chiropractor or massage therapist will eventually strengthen and diminish the swelling in the area.  Some patients are great at managing pain and some aren't and that's okay.  We are here to help provide the best healing opportunity for your body.  

Have you been injured in a car accident?  Don't waste time in pain call today and we can help 941-928-7246. 

Best Wishes,

Practice Manager at SSM

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